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Cass' Corner

        Let me begin by telling you how proud I feel to be a part of this Church Family. We are blessed in so many ways. Each week, as I look out at your faces, the sight is moving. We are varied in every way – except for our unifying love in Christ. We are not a rich parish in monetary terms; but, we are rich. We are rich in love, in shared worship, with dedicated Worship Leaders, with the ability and determination to do all we can in terms of Outreach. You (we) have a dedicated and devoted Leadership team in our Vestry. We have outstanding Wardens who care for, and about, our church. Bolstering our management team are our Treasurer and our Chancellor whose diligence and thoroughness are remarkable to me.

        We also have a wonderful Pastoral Care team led by Deacon Flo (Deacon Flo’s main Diaconal ministry is as a Chaplain at Cleveland Clinic where she visits dozens and dozens of patients each week). Flo, and I, are supported by our Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) Carol Broihahn and Sharon Padgett; included, as an ‘auxiliary’ to this Pastoral care team, is Deacon Tim.

        Speaking of Tim, it is our, and my, blessing to be a part of his growth process as he approaches being Ordained to the Anglican Priesthood. We anticipate his Ordination in January, which will take place here at our church, as far as I know. Tim will then continue with us for another year or so as he builds a new church under his denomination, The Communion of Anglican Churches International (“CACI” in the Anglican world of ‘spaghetti acronyms’).

        I, as Rector, have also truly been blessed by many dedicated people; our Sunday School Teachers, Jenny, Jim and Mike and our helpers, Barbara and Nuncia. Warren does “Yeoman” duties in the audio visual ‘cave’ in the rear of the church.
(Yeoman: “a servant in a royal or noble household’ – fits Warren pretty well!)

        We have a dedicated and ardent Altar Guild. Each week, Tammy Hyde "creatively” creates and prints up our church bulletin. I guess what I am trying to say in all of this, is that we all have been truly blessed by the Lord.

        In addition, partly because of all the tragic shootings in our nation and partly because I have three nephews and one niece in Law Enforcement, I am looking at becoming a Police Chaplain for the Pembroke Pines Police Department. I think these men and women need all the support they can get as they go about protecting us in an ever more violent environment. This will not affect my responsibilities as Rector.

        On our bulletin each week our Church’s Vision is spelled out: “We are called to worship God together, equipped by the Word of God to reach out to the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the Power of the Spirit.

Worship * Word * Wonder

       Blessings and Peace,

Fr. Cass +

Volunteer Ministries: A few people have asked about possible volunteer opportunities.  Here are three:

Broward Outreach Center            

2056 Scott Street

Hollywood, FL 33022

Phone: (954) 620-4017  (Contact – Vanessa)

Needs: kitchen, clothes sorting, data entry, tutoring

e-mail   vrios@caringplace.org



St. Boniface Food Pantry

8330 Johnson St,

Pembroke Pines, Fl.33024

Tel. 954-432-6262   (Contact: Ed Fitzwilliam)

Needs: Food sorting, office help (especially around Thanksgiving, Christmas, (toy sorting), Easter, etc.

Note: This is the Food Pantry that we are now supporting…

See elsewhere on this website:

Creation of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) on the Anglican Affairs page, and numerous Notices of Interest and Upcoming Events on their respective pages. Please take a look.


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