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Our Clergy

After a lengthy search and much prayer, The Rev. Dr. Cassius Daly (Fr. Cass) became our new Senior Pastor as of Sunday Oct. 12th, 2008.  We warmly welcomed Fr. Cass and Audie and are thrilled with his fresh approach to our worship.  We have now entered an exciting new chapter in the life of ACOW.

Later, on February 21st, 2010, our very own Dr. Flo Taber-Brown was Ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons by Bishop John Miller.  At Flo's request, Fr Bill Eaton (former and founding Rector) attended and preached the sermon.


The Rev. Dr. Cassius Daly (Fr. Cass)

shown here with his wife Audrey (Audie)

Although I was born in New Jersey, in 1948, I have lived in so many places (including Nebraska, Upstate New York, Florida, Georgia, No. Carolina, England…) that none can tell my accent for sure.  I went to a Catholic grade school and a public High School in Leonia, New Jersey (where I first met my Audie in 1958!!).  Later I graduated from College in 1970 as a History Teacher.  After a period of teaching and coaching (Football & Girl’s Track), I entered the world of business.  During the next 25 years I was involved in the worlds of finance and commerce, at one point running my firm’s offices in London and, later, in Manhattan.

Audrey and I were married in 1979.  We have two children, Sandi and Ed; two “in-law” children, George and Mavis; and, two wonderful granddaughters, Rebecca and Melanie (they are our gift from Sandi and George); and an incredible number of grand-pets (daughter-in-law, Mavis, is a veterinarian).

Throughout our married life, we became more and more involved in church life.  I served in many positions in a number of Episcopal churches.  We also became quite involved with the Cursillo movement.  The more I listened to the Gospel the closer my walk became.  We had a very meaningful, spirit-filled experience when we visited Terry Fullam’s church for a weekend in Darien, Connecticut.  I felt the Holy Spirit’s special presence and a deeper opening of my own spirit.  As time went on, and with an intentional discernment process, I felt more and more pulled towards ministry and, particularly, ordained ministry.

I attended The School of Theology at the University of the South, graduating with a Masters of Divinity in 1997.  I was called to be Associate Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Port Salerno, Florida.  Within the Episcopal Church I also served churches in Jacksonville, Fl., and Hartwell, Ga.  I also served as a Prison Chaplain on the Diocesan Commission on Ministry, and numerous charity and civic Boards.  I was blessed to receive a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2005.

Because of the revisionism within the Episcopal Church, I felt compelled to leave the denomination.  I became a priest in the Anglican Province of America serving a parish in Highlands, N.C.  During this time, I was also realizing that my call was to a more evangelical denomination.  As Fr. Bill Eaton contemplated retirement, here at the Church of the Word, I feel we were being led, spiritually and physically, to this wonderful congregation.  We are so grateful to God for leading us here.  It is a special congregation with a true heart for the Lord.  Jesus has led us and has provided for our needs.  For which we say, thank you Jesus!  We look forward to many years of shared ministry with our parish.


The Rev. Dr. Flo Taber-Brown

The Rev. Dr. Flo Taber-Brown was born in Detroit Michigan.  She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in special education.  Her Master’s and Doctorate degrees were both from Western Michigan University in special education and administration specializing in areas of research and evaluation.  She has taught public school in Mississippi, Michigan, Indiana, and Florida.  At the college level she taught at Western Michigan University, Nazareth College in Kalamazoo Michigan where she was program chairperson for the learning disabilities program, Indiana University (South Bend and Northwest campuses), and presently is an adjunct professor at St. Thomas University.   She was head of product development and marketing for MCE Inc., a software company that designed special education software and was Project Coordinator for a state-funded project in Indiana to train special educators on assistive technology to empower students with disabilities.  Recently, she is completing two degrees in theology from the Anglican School of Ministry in Little Rock.  The Rev. Dr. Flo Taber-Brown has always been very active in her church, having been on an administrative board and in numerous choirs.

The Rev. Dr. Flo Taber-Brown lives with her husband, Warren.  They have nine children, 27 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.  She facilitates the liturgical dance ministry and is an ordained Deacon in the Anglican Church of the Word, Emmaus Network, Anglican Mission in the Americas.  She thanks God for calling her to the ministry of His Word and, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, has dedicated her life to serve God and His people in accordance with the Lord’s Plan, His commands, for the remainder of her years.


The Rev. Canon Tim Mayberry

The Rev. Canon Tim Mayberry was born in Washington, DC and retired as a banker after thirty years. He attended Knox Theological Seminary and was awarded Master of Arts degree in Biblical and Theological Studies (Magna cum Laude). He became a member of the Anglican Church of the Word in 2014, was ordained to the Priesthood in January 2016 and continues to serve as Visiting Clergy.

The Rev. Canon Tim Mayberry, lives with his beloved wife Marla in Pembroke Pines, FL and the two of them are very active in many aspects of the church. He also serves as the Head Chaplain for a large local, acute care hospital and in that role guides nearly 100 volunteers who perform well over 100,000 spiritual care visits every year.

Currently Fr. Tim is assisting Fr. Cass as Clergy-In-Residence at the Anglican Church of the Word.



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