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Photo Gallery

In addition to the photos shown here, you'll see that a number of photographs have been provided and are displayed in on-line albums for your convenience and enjoyment.  Note that for those larger albums you can progress through the enlarged view of each photo, and also click on the enlarge instructions under any photo to enlarge it to full size. Please feel free to print and/or copy any photos you might wish to keep.

To enjoy the photos from years past, click on the Archive buttons below.

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Baptism of Elijah Swanson, May 14, 2017

May our loving God bless and keep Elijah and his devoted parents, Brent and Wendy.


Nichole Hyde, will you marry me?

Blessings and congratulations to the happy couple.


Easter and First Communion, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday was a joyous - and busy - occasion this year, as we combined it with a play and the First Communion of some of our young people.

The children carried banners at the head of the processional in and out as part of the service. They then performed a play called "Were You There" (when they crucified our Lord). They proceeded behind the clergy and then performed the play before the service began. The children had been practicing for weeks and were terrific! (Many thanks to the parents that worked with them at home to prepare.) After the play, they went out to Sunday School, removed their costumes and got back into their 1st Communion wear. (jackets and ties etc.) When they returned from Sunday School they participated in the communion service. A huge and heartfelt thank you to Miss Jenny for her hard work with our precious children.

After the service, and photos with families, the children enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt, organized by Pastor Jim and Paula. The congregation thanks them, and also David Rosario (the Hesfords' son-in-law) for a new ambry (for reserve sacrament).



Lenten Water Project, 2017

On Sunday, Feb 26, 2017, Fr. Cass announced that we would be undertaking a Lenten Project, aimed at helping provide clean drinking water to some of the many, many people around the world, and in Africa in particular. He explained that in some areas clean water is very scarce, and a small local well would alleviate much suffering in those area. To this end, paper bags with hearts on them were distributed, and the congregation would be saving spare change (paper bills will also be fine), and at Easter will be forwarding the funds to those in the greatest need. A wonderful Lenten project, which we will all support. 


Valentines Day - February 12, 2017

Once again Miss Jenny worked her magic with the children. The congregation was delighted to see our wonderful young people march into church with a banner which says "God Is Love". We thank Miss Jenny for her devotion to our precious children.


Baraka! – “Blessing” in Swahili - February 5, 2017

We, as a Parish, were blessed by the arrival of Bishop Aaron (a Partner Bishop) from Tanzania. Bishop Aaron visited South Florida from Feb. 1 – 5th and had a chance to get a taste of life in this part of the U.S.A. Bishop Aaron was with us for Church Service on Sunday, Feb. 5th, 2017, and was preaching.
Regrettably, illness kept Fr. Cass from joining the festivities, but Fr. Tim and Deacon Flo showed the Bishop our love and hospitality. Immediately after the service we had a Pot Luck Lunch and Reception in the Parish Hall, which included a cake decorated with the Tanzanian flag. The event was greatly enjoyed by all. 




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